Sunday, June 26, 2011


With so many apps installed in your android, are you troubled in finding a app, or tired of the tedious procedures to uninstal?
Ever expect an app to classify the apps, just one button pushed, one app uninstalled.
If so, AllAppView is the app, which you always looking forward to.
With AllAppView, you could self-define classifications, move the needed apps into the corresponding categories, which making it easier for you to find the app you want.
Long press some app, there will be a menu pop up, saying "move app to defined category","uninstall app","delete app from this category".
You could classify and uninstall apps with AllAppView in a faster way.

This app will update regularly, hope you could send me feedbacks or suggestions.

free version link:

Friday, June 24, 2011

StrongBox Lock

Are you still using the system default lock screen?
Are you still hesitating about which lock screen to use?
Are you still worried about the security of your phone?
This lock screen will bring you something new!
The metallic of this app will bring visual impact to your eyes, making you feel something new!
Just input the password, turn the wheel to the "unlock", and the unlock done!
You can set the password to unlock inside the app.
It is convenient for you to use, and making your phone more safe.

This app will update regularly, if you have any suggestion, please contact me.
free version link in Android Market:
fileserve link:

StrongBox v1.7

Saturday, June 11, 2011


this is another app for the android system.
just make a gesture, you could call him, of sms her, or start any app you want it to start.

free version:
market link:
paid version:
market link:

this is a new app, there may be some bugs in it.
hope you will like it, and if you find any bug or something make you unconvenient, please let us know, contact us in this blog, or email us:

Ripple Lock

This is our first product.
Only use one button, you can choose to use this ripple lock screen or system default screen.
Drag the inside circle to the outside circle, you can unlock screen.


the free version:
market link:
Ripple Lock in the Android Market
the paid version:
Ripple Lock in the Android market

thank you for the consumers who give us advice and support out products.
thank you all!

this one still has the double lockscreen bug, and we are addressing this bug.
contact us, if you have any advice:

a new version v2.9 has been released in the market, please update!!!

SOLA team

hi, everyone!
here, SOLA team, want to have a place for you to contact us.
here, you can give us advice to improve our products.
here, you can tell us bugs in our products.
here, you will find our improvement.
we hope you will like what we develop and our products will make your life easier.

also, you can contact us with email: