Sunday, October 9, 2011

Common problems of Screen Lock

There may be some bugs in the apps, and we will try our best to fix all the bugs as soon as possible.
We try to list the common bugs we already know, and give some solutions to the problems. If the solutions listed below not working, please be patient, we will try to provide more solutions to the problems in future versions.

1. If you have a double lock screen problem, you could try different modes in the setting item "Fix double lock screen issue".

2. If you have a problem of  the power button, you could use the setting item "Fix power button issue".

3. If you have home button issue, you could select mode two in the setting item "Fix double lock screen issue", or select "use system security lock" setting item, and use system security lock.

4. If you want to use volume button to wake up the screen, you could select mode one in the setting item "Fix double lock screen issue". If you don't want to use volume button to use volume button to wake up the screen, you could select mode two or three.

5. .ttf type of font now supported.

6. As the description of the "answer call", pressing the icon just directs you to the default one for answering a call. Considering the security of the app, we do so, to avoid apply for the access to answer calls.


  1. Hi,

    I bought the paid version and I have 3 requests.

    First, he music control widget has a bug when used with PlayerPro. If I have music playing and I pause the music using the lockscreen widget, the icon still shows the pause icon even though the music is paused. It should show the play icon. Please fix.

    Second, the app doesn't indicate what file manager you need to install custom fonts, though it worked once I installed Astro. I prefer Efile, please let me choose the file manager to use for custom font installation.

    Third, I had the app fail when I tried to not show the default music control widget and then add my own for PlayerPro (called Phantom Music Control). Please fix.



  2. I really like this lock and works great so far. I have the paid version so I wanted to know how to get the "answer call" icon to work from the lock screen. Seems that when I slide it to the ring it opens to my default dail pad and then I have to answer it that way instead of just answering the call. same goes for the "defer". I have a mytouch 4g. Any suggestions?