Saturday, July 30, 2011

Agile Lock

Are you still envy of the brilliant lock screen of Sense 3.0? Now, as long as your phone is Android system, you will be able to experience the beauty of the lock screen. Only
use one button, you can choose to use this agile lock screen or system default screen.Drag the bottom circle to the top can unlock screen.
This program has a lot of setting options: font, font color, font size, background settings, shortcuts settings, etc., must be well meet your needs.

If you have the "black background" problem, please set the "background alpha" to value 255, then the problem may be solved.
This program will continuously update . Please suggestions to me at any time.
contact us, if you have any problem:

Sorry for all the friends who like Agile, cause some copyright problem, this app was removed by Google, and that account is unavailable now.
What we can do is to release it in some other markets.
If you have some good market, or where you go frequently, please let us know.

the free version of Agile Lock: 

the paid version of Agile Lock:


  1. Wish to bring back Pattern Lock with this brilliant Agile Lock

  2. Normal unlock (slide upwards) does not return home screen, but to last used pinned app through Agile Lock

    Screen does not work if device off and on in few seconds

  3. Bottons react too fast.
    Also the home button on galaxy s2 isnt locked.
    But its a great app

  4. Can i add your own apps on the home screen?

  5. In my SGS, when I turn on the terminal, if I don't put my PIN code, when you unlock the screen with Lock Agile does not ask the PIN code again

  6. 飛航模式之後sim解鎖問題很大

  7. Bought the app and it's a great locker just needs to mature, bugs need fixing than I'll actually start using it. I agree that the buttons react too fast. Also, and this is a bigger problem, when I start Agile Lock, Android keeps locking the sim but there is no way to enter the pin. Sometimes it works but within minutes the sim gets locked again.

  8. is it possible to let us able to adjust the size of the ring and the color of the bar holding the ring to our desire color?

  9. All similar programs left to the user the freedom to change wallpaper .. We hope this put option when the next update

  10. 請教您!要如何更改自訂的字型檔?我使用TTF的字型檔,都會顯示 不支援此種字體?感謝您!