Monday, August 27, 2012

Puzzle Lock v1.5 Update

Puzzle Lock V1.5 update today in Google Play.

You could find it in the following links:
Free version
Full version

What's new in this version:

1. Add 12 more unlock animations
2. Optimize performance
3. Fix two problems which may cause FC
4. Redesign the main interface of the Puzzle Lock

Puzzle Lock, customize your lock screen, make your lock screen more attractive!
Puzzle Lock is a lock screen replacement, Samsung style like, that gives you more experience in using the COOL lock.

- Puzzle style slider look
- Drag the unlock pieces to the destination, to unlock, to give a call, or to the SMS
- Wake up the screen with different ways, like volume button or power button
- Customize Background, live wallpaper supported(Full version)
- More in settings to let you decide which will be shown in the lock screen

How to Run:
- Open the PuzzleLock, click on the flashing power button in the middle of the screen. When there is a yellow circle around the power button, the Puzzle Lock starts to 

run on your phone

- If it is the first time you use the Puzzle Lock, it may be a little laggy, but the next time, it will be smooth
- If you have a double lock screen problem, you could try different modes in the setting item "Fix double lock issue"
- If you have a problem of  the power button, you could use the setting item "Fix power button issue"
- If you have home button issue, you could try "Block HOME key wizard"
- If the default shortcuts on the lock screen not working, try to replace them with the apps on your phone
- If you want to disable the status bar, please select the option "Disable status bar expand" in the setting

This program will update continuously, and add more themes and functions.

Please give us feedback or suggestions, and we will reply to you as soon as possible, and make Agiel Lock better and better.

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